Electrowerkz Core Values

Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity

Feeling included and equal is what makes our space a haven for ‘misfits’. We collectively take responsibility for creating enough room for each and everyone to express themselves; no matter of culture, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or just simply the way you look. This refers as much to the venue’s values and policies, but as well is reflected in our programming. You will find a taste for yourself in many things that we do and we keenly offer stage to people from diverse backgrounds. Because the interwoven, collective-individualism is the melting pot that makes us Electrowerkz.

Sexual Harassment

We know how one unwelcome comment about the way you look or dance, if not worse, about your private life, your cultural background or sexual identity can have a harmful effect on you. We also understand how simple life pleasures can be ruined by somebody else and this doesn’t have to include a physical action against you. As hard as it is to put in words: harassment is sadly an event which can occur at any time and place. However, please be assured we are always here for you. In an unlikely event of such action, in which you either see or receive verbally or physically abusive treatment PLEASE come and see us. Any member of the Electrowerkz team is always ready to assist you and we have ZERO TOLERANCE to harassment.

Door Policy

Bar & Restaurant
Challenge 25 policy ID might be require for those that look under age. Under 18s are allowed up until 7pm if accompanied by an adult.

Our late-night events are 18+ and ID will be required to prove this.
By entering Electrowerkz you are agreeing to be searched on entry and exit. We also reserve the right to search whilst inside the venue/smoking area. The entry search is mandatory, the others will be at the discretion of venue management. We only accept a valid passport, foreign national ID cards, driving licence or home office approved PASS hologram as identification and/or proof of age. We only accept originals. Photocopies, photos or screenshots of IDs are not accepted.

Searches of bags and a pat-down will happen at the door. This will be carried out by a door staff of which gender you are comfortable with. Our security team are experienced and responsible and for the safety of our customers are required to do these searches in order to prevent the possibility of weapons and drugs being brought into the venue.

Prescription medications found at the search will be taken and kept safely in the manager’s office until the customer either needs to take them, or requests them when leaving. Medications being brought into the venue need to be clearly labelled with your name and what the medication is. If they have been taken from you during a search, please ask any staff member for the manager when leaving and they’ll be happy to return them to you.

Illegal drugs are prohibited and if found during entry search, will be confiscated and the customer may be refused entry. If anyone is found to be selling or using drugs in the venue they will be removed and possibly reported to the police.

You will not be entitled to a refund if you or your guests are refused entry or ejected from the venue due to your late arrival, being (or appearing to be) under age, or because you have broken the rules of the venue (e.g. declining to be searched, abusive, threatening, drunken or other antisocial behaviour (including smoking in no smoking areas), carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, or making unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings)

Entry remains at the discretion of the management.

Health and Wellbeing

If for some reason you feel unwell or would benefit from some quiet or fresh air, please let us know. If you have taken something that has caused a bad reaction, please tell us what you’ve taken and how much. Don’t be embarrassed to say, it will help us to help you.

If you have drunk too much alcohol, we may allow you some time to sober up and/or call you a cab home. We will not eject vulnerable customers onto the street without first ensuring they have some support. or have sobered up enough to travel home unaided. We will not serve you if you are too intoxicated. This is a licencing law. Those who are overly drunk or intoxicated will not be served. We will also refuse to serve someone who is buying a drink for someone who is too drunk or intoxicated or doesn’t want it.

If you have a condition that has contributed to a feeling of unease, discomfort or anxiety, please come and talk to us or have a friend come and alert us. Any member of staff will locate a manager for you, who will allow you some time and space to help regain your composure or help you leave the venue safely if necessary. In extreme cases, if you require medical help, we will ensure we have a first aider present and call for emergency medical support if it’s required.

Some of the events hosted here use strobe lighting, please consider this if you have any issues that are exacerbated by this.
At some events, the music in our venue can be quite loud and hearing protection is advisable. We provide earplugs at the bar. You just need to ask a bartender.